The Ivy Lodge Team

We would love for you to come and meet us in person, in the meantime here’s a little bit more about some of the management team!

Lisa Walbridge – Registered Manager

Lisa joined Ivy Lodge in October 2017 having previously managed several other homes in the York area since 2006.

Lisa has worked in the care sector since leaving school. She had planned to be a nurse and so did some volunteering working with older people which she found so rewarding, she decided she would be more suited to a career in social care instead. Lisa is part of a very close family and spent a lot of time with and caring for her lovely granny and aunties.

She is extremely dedicated and driven and has a passion for ensuring exceptional standards of care are delivered so that all our residents can really thrive and lead fulfilling and rewarding lives in a care home setting.

When not at work you are likely to find Lisa with her husband Ian (a Personal Trainer) and daughter who also works in social care, in the gym, running marathons, climbing mountains in the Lake District or spending time in and around Whitby.

Email:  manager@ivylodge.co.uk

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Helen Drake – Deputy Manager

Helen joined Ivy Lodge in January 2018 having also worked in care all her life. When she was just 14 she helped her mother care for an elderly gentleman in the village and that experience was enough to convince Helen to pursue a career in care.

Since her days as a farmer’s wife in the stunning Howardian Hills of North Yorkshire some 25 years ago, Helen has worked in residential, dementia and nursing homes as a care assistant right through to Registered Manager and so has an in depth understanding of the demands on everyone working in a care home and what it takes to enrich the lives of the residents.

Helen’s dedication to caring for others has also inspired her daughters to follow in her footsteps and both her daughters also work in Ivy Lodge.

Helen’s motto is ‘life begins again when you come to Ivy Lodge’ and she does her utmost to ensure that it does.

Email: deputy@ivylodge.co.uk

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Bruce Robson – Key worker for the elderly

Bruce joined the team in the summer of 2019 on work experience. He was given so many biscuits, treats and cuddles that he too decided he would like a career in social care. Bruce is passionate about food and pretty much anything he can get in his mouth, being stroked and making lawn mowing quite hazardous but in a short space of time has become without doubt, the most popular member of the team.

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Charlie and Ruth Helfferich - Owners

Charlie and Ruth purchased Ivy Lodge from long-time friends in February 2013. Ruth had been a teacher in the private, state and prison systems before joining Charlie in financial services. After 25 years Charlie was looking for something different and more rewarding. It was Ruth’s suggestion that they should consider the care sector largely as a result of caring for her mother who suffered with Alzheimer’s disease and after many lengthy debates the decision was made to sell the financial services business and buy Ivy Lodge; a decision they have never regretted, only that they didn’t do it earlier!

They only wanted to have a home that they would be happy for their own parents to move into and indeed Charlie’s father was a resident for 2 years until he needed more specialised, nursing care - Ivy Lodge proved to be that home.

They both work in the business full time and are often joined by their Daughter in University holidays. Ruth is very involved on the outings and activities side of things whilst Charlie is more involved in the business and operations but in reality, Charlie, Ruth, Lisa and Helen meet daily and are heavily involved in nearly all the decision making.

Outside of Ivy lodge Charlie and Ruth enjoy long walks with their dogs Jack and Rosie and Ruth is somewhat of a golf widow but has a large garden that she enjoys looking after.

Email:  ruth@ivylodge.co.uk  charles@ivylodge.co.uk

  • Ivy Lodge Staff
  • Ivy Lodge Staff

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