Many of our older generation who are living alone are faced with loneliness and feelings of isolation (especially under lockdown conditions) even if there are friends, relatives and neighbours who are looking in on them.  The loss of a long-term spouse or companion is often irreplaceable no matter how much anyone tries. In many cases these feelings of loneliness and isolation can lead to a loss of confidence, low mood or depression which can be difficult to treat.

The Effects of Loneliness on The Elderly 

As anyone who has suffered from depression knows only too well it can be overwhelming and especially in older people.  It can lead to them not eating and drinking properly which is when more health issues start to occur. 

These feelings can be exacerbated when older people are recovering from an illness or maybe a fall which inevitably leads to a lack of confidence in one’s physical abilities. In times like this, when it is a struggle to look after yourself properly, living in a retirement home where you are part of one big family can be a huge benefit in helping you get your confidence and  strength back. 

The Benefits of Living in a Retirement Home 

In my experience, older people who are resident in a retirement/care home can have so much more going on: new friends to make, regular outings to go on, delicious and nutritious food prepared for you, carers to look after you 24/7 and a team of well-being and activity coordinators. Loneliness and feelings of isolation are quite rare as you have the opportunity to share your life with 32 other residents and around 40 staff! 

A positive happy and healthy mind that comes from this kind of mental and physical stimulation goes a long way to keeping residents physically healthier and so they lead a longer, happier and more fulfilling old age. 

Welcoming New Residents to Ivy Lodge 

At Ivy Lodge Retirement Home we have taken the threat of Covid-19 very seriously and so far, through strict infection control protocols we have kept all our residents free of the virus. Furthermore none of our staff have had it either so the perceived risk of moving into a retirement home needs to be weighed up against the very real benefits to health of that move.   

To learn more please give us a call on 01904 760629 we are happy to have a chat and answer any questions you may have about your relative entering a retirement home.