"As a sign of the value we place on this important role in our retirement home we are now offering a signing on bonus of up to £600 to successful applicants!"

It is estimated that between 40 and 60,000 staff and Care Assistants left social care in the last year which has left many homes unable to fill beds, due to a lack of staff to look after the patients or residents.  At Ivy Lodge in York we have enough staff to look after all the residents even when we are full, but only just, so we need to recruit more carers and activities staff to ensure we can maintain our very high standards of care no matter what. 

So why are people leaving social care? There isn’t a simple answer; it’s a combination of factors most likely headed by burnout and stress due to the pandemic. It has been a torrid couple of years to work in care and certainly the staff at Ivy lodge have been amazing; their work ethic and courage has been astonishing but I know they are tired and need a break.  Everyone wants life to get back to normal – this seems to be something that can be achieved in the very near future, certainly lots of fun has returned to Ivy lodge. 

We haven’t really suffered with low morale although we found it hard when dealing with Covid outbreaks but we pulled together and morale is now really good again. Under-staffing can lead to low morale due to the extra hours staff are asked to work and this has been a factor in the care sector. Ivy Lodge however has managed to keep sufficient staff for this not to be an issue except when Care Assistants and other staff had to isolate or were on furlough. We are through that now (hopefully) but in order to avoid under-staffing becoming a problem we want to bolster our staff team. 

Low pay for Care Assistants is often cited and I must confess that the Care Sector need to do better in this area. We are making progress but we need a full home to be able to improve this further and for the Government to do its bit by funding the sector properly. Social care has never paid particularly well and so it’s unlikely that this as one of the main reasons for the more recent drop in care staff numbers. 

Some homes might just offer their staff a job, rather than a real career opportunity ripe with possibilities. At Ivy Lodge we actively encourage staff to progress and assist with training to encourage this. Both our Deputy and Registered Care Manager began their careers in social care as care assistants which is why they are so good at their job; they understand the pressures a carer is under and how exceptional care should be delivered. Managers of care homes can earn anywhere between £40 to £60,000 dependent on the location and size of the home! 

Possibly the main reason why staff have left is due to the mandatory vaccinations brought in at the end of last year. Many staff had compelling reasons not to be vaccinated but they had to leave anyway. I am pleased to say that at Ivy Lodge, all our staff have been double vaccinated and the vast majority boosted too so we didn’t lose any staff because of this. This law has been reversed now and so the door has been re-opened to many staff who may want to return.   

A career in social care is a very worthwhile and rewarding one. I’m talking about the chance to meet and work with wonderful people from diverse walks of life and to see, first hand, how their values, life experiences and commitment to care can be truly transformative for the people they look after. With the right support, I firmly believe it can be a career many will want to stay in for the long term. The pandemic has stretched both health and social care workforces to the limit. 

We need many more new and returning care professionals with the same qualities of compassion, dedication and empathy to join our ranks and help ease pressure on the system. 

As a sign of the value we place on this important role in our retirement home we are now offering a signing on bonus of up to £600 to successful applicants!

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