If you, like many primary carers today, are a spouse or family member caring for a loved one 24/7 - often without support from other family members or outside agencies – then you will understand more than anyone the benefit of some respite care. 

Being a carer, whether full or part time, can be a hugely demanding role and if you’re like many carers you’re probably often left exhausted stressed and totally overwhelmed. Although being cared for at home by a familiar person is probably the best solution for your loved one, it’s not always the case.   

We often find that carers in this position cannot possibly continuously provide the best care to their loved ones unless they are able to look after themselves too.  Many primary carers will often feel guilty asking for help especially if that means asking a care home to help share the burden, but in fact it is often a really positive experience for all concerned.  

As a carer It will not only allow you time to recharge your batteries; have a day out, visit with a  friend or just relax at home, so that you can be ready to take up the challenge again with renewed energy and enthusiasm. The person needing care often benefits from the experience of spending time in a Retirement Home too, as often they feel guilty that they rely so heavily on a loved one for care and support, so they feel relieved of this anxiety.  Also in the right care setting there can be so much going on and so many people to interact with, as well as of course being cared for by a wonderful team of carers 24/7. 

“ Many Full-Time Residents at Ivy Lodge say their social life has never been so good!” 

At Ivy Lodge we offer respite care for periods of 2 weeks or more.  

We are and always have been Covid-free.

Recently we recruited 2 additional activity coordinators to our team to ensure that whilst we are under restrictions, there is still plenty to do.  Take a look at our Facebook Page to see some of our recent activities! 

If you would like to know more about what Ivy lodge can offer you and a loved one ring us on 01904 760 6289 for a chat.