On 6th July we opened Ivy Lodge again for relatives to come and visit their loved ones, who they haven’t seen in the flesh for the last 15 weeks since we put Ivy lodge into full lockdown to shield from the Coronavirus Covid 19!

This has given our residents a huge boost just as they were starting to feel the ill-effects of not having close family contact for so long.

Having risk assessed the situation fairly continuously we felt that it was now safe to allow outdoor visits in the garden under the protection of a gazebo!

There is of course no touching allowed and the residents and their relatives are over 2 meters apart and separated by a large perspex screen but none of these precautions hinder the sheer joy of seeing each other again and we have seen a real lift to the spirits of our residents and their families. It is important for us not to forget the importance of good mental health and not become too obsessed by the virus and I feel we have been able to strike a perfect balance. 

We are also looking forward to welcoming new residents and their families to Ivy Lodge in the near future.