Ivy Lodge Retirement Home in Haxby, York is continuing it’s 2020 Staycation with a trip to South Africa. 

The staff including Owner Manager and Deputy Manager have again pulled out all the stops.  The latest holiday destination of South African had a Safari theme and, as is becoming traditional, was kicked off with the Ivy Lodge dance troupe performing to the Tight Fit classic The Lion Sleeps Tonight. 

Watch it here!

The residents then enjoyed singing and dancing, a quiz and musical bingo washed down with some lovely wine from the Stellenbosch region. Special mention must go to Val the head cook who managed to produce a totally authentic meal of Cape Malay Chicken Curry, South African Bobotie finished off with sticky Malva pudding. 

The residents loved the afternoon and thought the dancers were very professional and were grateful by all the hard work that had gone in to the whole afternoon.  One resident said "I haven't travelled abroad very much and never thought about going to South Africa but today has really got me and now I feel like I've been.” Joan Smithson age 89.

Another said "We love afternoons like this - when we can’t get out and see our loved ones it's such a boost to imagine ourselves in different places around the world - thank you so much"  Mary Adams age 91.

We asked the residents at the end of the party where they wanted to go next and after a lot of debate they decided they would like to try a cruise. It will test the arts and crafts department a bit but we have agreed to it!! 

Ivy Lodge has had no cases of Covid-19 and is open for new residents , anyone interested should call Lisa on 01904 760629.