A serious dilemma at the best of times let alone whilst we remain in the grip of this terrible pandemic.  There is no simple answer to this but I can say that, as a retirement home that has had NO cases of Coronavirus amongst our 33 residents or 42 staff the answer is probably Yes!

We would accept new admissions (depending on our availability) subject to a screening and a period of 14 days self-isolation on arrival unless testing negative. Most things you read about or hear on the news make Care Homes sound like a frightening or even dangerous place to be. That isn’t the case at Ivy lodge where our residents continue to live a fun, happy and fulfilling life even though, for the moment, they cannot have any visits form loved ones. Most of our residents do however have contact with their families through Skype or FaceTime so they don’t feel isolated.

An enormous advantage of living in a care home is that although you may be isolating, you can do so with 32 other residents and over 40 staff which has to be better than being home alone! We still have loads of activities and in the good weather we are able to enjoy the beautiful garden. We have a very dedicated team of staff who not only apply high standards of cleanliness and infection control to themselves and their families, but also in the home where regular deep cleaning and meticulous infection control procedures are employed ensuring our residents’ safety and comfort at all times. After a difficult period obtaining PPE we are now well stocked for quite some time.

Our Facebook page is the best place for you to see what life in a care home during a pandemic looks like. Have a look and then please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.